Subject choice and career pathing

Dear Grade Parent / Guardian

To assist you and your child  with the  gr10 subject choice decisions your child has received a blue booklet. Please read through this booklet with your child. To assist you and your child even further, you will find attached an informative brochure. The brochure is also available in the English Google classroom site.

You will apply online. Please click on the following link to complete and submit the online application form:

Submit the application form by Wednesday 16 September 2020.

Remember this subject choice for FET impacts on your child’s choice of tertiary studies and employment opportunities when he/she completes grade 12.

Good luck.

Mrs Barnard     

Grade 9 is an important year in the life of every Muizenberg High learner. You need to start thinking about possible careers during grade 9. . In order to make the right choice of subjects in grade 10, learners should know the career path they wish to pursue on completion in Grade 12.

In order to obtain the National Senior Certificate in Grade 12, learners must have SEVEN subjects – four compulsory and three which are chosen at the end of Grade 9 for Grade 10 – 12.

The four compulsory subjects are English Home Language. Afrikaans First Additional Language, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy and Life Orientation. Learners must also choose three optional subjects from a list of 12 approved subjects offered at Muizenberg High .

Learners are allowed to change two of the optional subjects in Grades 10 and 11. In Grade 12, learners are able to change one of the optional subjects.

Planning your academic career

If you want to go to University after you finish school, you will need to achieve at least a NSC with an achievement rating of 4 or better in at least four subjects chosen from the designated 20 credit NSC subjects listed below:

Accounting, Agricultural Sciences, Business Studies, Dramatic Arts, Economics, Engineering Graphics and Design, Geography, History, Consumer Studies, Information Technology, Languages (refer to institution websites for their language entry requirements), Life Sciences, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Music, Physical Sciences, Religion studies and Visual Arts.

If you want to attend a University of Technology you will need to achieve at least a NSC with an achievement rating of three or better in four of the designated NSC 20-credit subjects listed below:

Accounting, Agricultural Management Practices, Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural technology, Business Studies, Civil Technology, Computer Applications Technology, Consumer Studies, Dance Studies, Dramatic Arts, Economics, Electrical Technology, Engineering Graphics and Design, Geography, History, Hospitality Studies, Information Technology, Languages (refer to institution websites for their language requirements), Life Sciences, Mechanical Technology, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Music, Physical Sciences, Religion studies, Tourism and Visual Arts.


Subject Group at school

(recommended choices in addition to the 4 compulsory subjects)


    Field of Study 

at university


Career Paths    

Human & Social Studies 

(Geography, History, Religious Studies)

  • Humanities subjects (e.g. Languages, Arts, Social Sciences, Psychology, Education, Philosophy, Journalism, Law)

Business, Commerce, & Management Studies

(Accounting, Business Science, Economics)



(Consumer Studies, Hospitality Studies, Tourism)

(FYI, services imply jobs where you help or work for someone, e.g. banking, cleaning, chauffeuring)


  • Tour Operator
  • Chef
  • Hotel or Guesthouse Manager
  • Airline or Cruise Ship Cabin Crew

Arts & Culture 

(Dance Studies, Design, Drama, Visual Arts)

  • Fine Art or Photography
  • Drama & Theatre or Acting
  • Dance
  • Design (e.g. Fashion, Graphics)
  • Fine Artist or Musician
  • Performer or Entertainer
  • Graphic or Fashion Designer
  • Architect

Engineering & Technology (and Sciences)

(Civil Technology, Electrical Technology, Engineering and Graphic Design, Mechanical Technology)

  • Engineering (e.g. Mechatronic, Mechanic, Civil, Electronic)


  • Engineer
  • Medical Technologist

Agricultural Science 

(Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural management Practices, Agricultural Technology)

  • Agricultural Studies
  • Farmer
  • Winemaker
  • Nature Conservationist
  • Landscape Engineer

Sciences & IT

(Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Computer Applications, Information Technology)

  • Health and Medical Sciences (e.g. Marine Biology, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Doctor, Psychiatry)
  • Computer Sciences and Technology
  • Physio– or Speech Therapist
  • Doctor or Biologist
  • Engineer
  • Program Developer
  • Software Technician