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Grade 8 - 12 Muizenberg High school students, please don't forget to do our survey. This survey is required by the Department of Education so that schools can ascertain the number of learners at our school that will be returning and if any have comorbidities or any other reason for remaining absent from school


Muizenberg High Newsletter – 26 October 2020


The budget meeting for 2021 will be held on 11 November 2020 at 19:00 in the school hall.  The budget is available for your perusal at the front office.  Please diarise this important date.


Grade 8 and 9: The reports will not indicate term 2 results as per the education department adjusted teaching plans.

Grade 10 and 11: As per the education department adjusted teaching plans some subjects will not have a term 2 result.

Grade 12: Term 1, 2 and 3 are resulted.

Grade 8-11 reports will be issued the first week of term 4.

Please study the results and pay special attention to the subjects underlined in red.

Term 2 and 3 have been academically challenging for both learners and teaching staff but with perseverance and hard work assessments have been completed.  The blended teaching model enables learners to keep working at home on Google Classrooms on days when they do not attend school.


There will be no end of the year examination for Grades 8-11.  All grades will write tests that will be scheduled during the term.  Test timetables will be issued early next term but please note the following:

  • Completed year work (school based assessments) for each subject can be crucial for decisions about promotion and progression at the end of the year.
  • Teaching and learning will take place up to the last week of term 4.
  • Learners cannot afford to stay home once they have written the term tests as teaching will continue to ensure that learners are academically ready for 2021.
  • Absenteeism, unless for illness, or according to the COVID-19 protocols, must be discouraged. Teaching happens every day and learners lose out on valuable teaching and learning if they stay home.


The short break is merely an opportunity for the Grade 12’s to prepare for their final examinations. The learners received their scripts and the staff guided the learners on the areas they need to focus on.

EXTRA LESSONS: There will be MATHEMATICS extra lessons on TUESDAY (27/10) AND WEDNESDAY (28/10) from 9:00 until 12:00 at school.  Mr Basvi and Mr Cupido has availed their time to conduct these lessons.  Please ensure that your child arrives on time for the lessons.

Many of the staff will support the learners via Google Classrooms.  Please make use of the opportunity and encourage the learners to engage with their teachers on this platform.  Our students have access to the staff email addresses.


  • On Monday 2 November 2020 the Grade 12’s and their subject teachers will celebrate the valedictory and prizegiving from 9:00 until 11:00.
  • As we will adhere to the COVID-19 protocols unfortunately no parents can be accommodated inside the hall.
  • We, however, wish to invite the parents to join us in the VALEDICTORY LANE around the circle. The parents may arrive from 10:15 and you will be asked to park on the West field.  The staff will be there to assist and guide you.  Please do not park outside the gate and in Dover or Windermere Road. 




Summer uniform can be worn from the first day of term 4.  Girls can wear tunics (regulation length) but if trousers are worn, ties must be worn. No beanies may be worn.



My prayer is that all our learners have a good break and return safely to school. Please take care.


Kind Regards,


Mrs Jacobsen

Please note

The schoolwork provided by our educators during the lockdown can be found in our dropdown menu under academics or you can click on the following subject names: EnglishAfrikaansMathematics – AccountingPhysical ScienceLife Sciences – HistoryGeographyTourismHospitalityBusiness StudiesCATVisual ArtMusicGuidanceNatural ScienceEMSCreative ArtsLife Orientation

Sports at Muizenberg High School


Grade 12 Information

Subject choice

Dear Grade Parent / Guardian


To assist you and your child  with the  gr10 subject choice decisions your child has received a blue booklet. Please read through this booklet with your child. To assist you and your child even further, you will find attached an informative brochure. The brochure is also available in the English Google classroom site.

You will apply online. Please click on the following link to complete and submit the online application form:




Submit the application form by Wednesday 16 September 2020.

Remember this subject choice for FET impacts on your child’s choice of tertiary studies and employment opportunities when he/she completes grade 12.


Good luck.

for more click below to download

subject choice 2020


Mrs Barnard

Dear Grade 12 parents/ guardians

I have received queries and requests from parents who would like to keep their children at home, although the child does not suffer from comorbidities.  The minister of Basic Education, Mrs Angie Motshekga indicated in her media briefing that this issue will be under discussion and that the department will give clear guidance in this regard.

I have consulted with the WCED circuit manager and the recommendation is that should  you choose to keep your child at home, for any reason and want to make use of the google classrooms as a platform for learning and teaching, you may do so, until we receive a definite directive from the department.  This arrangement comes with the following conditions:

  1. You need to email me at ljacobsen@muizenberghigh.org.za to make an arrangement for your child to stay at home and receive their education on Google classrooms. You need to specify your reason for choosing to keep your child at home. Read more

School Counselor

Available at 0844551070 operative weekdays between 2pm and 8pm

How to access Google Classroom

Dear Parents
An email address has been allocated to your son/daughter from Muizenberg High School created by
the IT department. This email is only for school purposes, the email address will be your son/daughter initial and surname followed by muizenberghigh.org.za (example.
ahendricks@muizenberghigh.org.za) the password will be Mbhs2020. Please don’t share your password or email address with anyone.
A code will be sent to that email provided, in order for your child to log into the google classroom created by their teacher.

Learner how to access Google classroom

Famous Education Quotes

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

Martin Luther King.Jr

Once you stop learning you start dying.

Albert Einstein