Dear Muizenberg High Family

I am excited to announce that we are introducing a new curriculum delivery platform as from the end of May! We are introducing : GOOGLE CLASSROOMS! 

This comprehensive platform is multifunctional and it allows for direct interaction between the learners and the staff.  Now every learner has direct access to activities and links and they can ask for help and assistance.  GOOGLE CLASSROOMS bring TEACHING and LEARNING back into the curriculum delivery equation!  It is a great monitoring tool and the staff will communicate directly with your child via their email account.  This will give you direct access as a parent to monitor your child at home, to make sure they “enter” the classrooms daily.

The staff received the Google classrooms training during this week and started to “build” their classrooms, using the Gmail accounts we created for your children.

Some of our staff have already used the platform during lockdown and found it user friendly, both for themselves and the learners. We can activate interactive teaching as the children can submit assignments, do questionnaires, small tests, homework and we can mark their work. The learners can also ask questions and watch their teachers explain concepts to mention but a few of the academic activities. 

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Dear Muizenberg High Family

After the Minister of the Department of Basic Education Angie Motshekga addressed and briefed the nation on the road forward in terms of school reopening and their proposed planning and dates many of our school body has experienced anxiety, and unanswered questions as you consider and contemplate the return to school.  The Department of Basic Education and the Provincial Department of Education are faced with different scenarios, as schooling involves many stakeholders, including SGB associations and teacher unions, curriculum and timeframes.  Although we are still awaiting for directives from the Provincial Department of Education (WCED) I would like to give you as much information and feedback as possible.

If ALL the conditions in terms of Health and Safety are met according to the Standard Operating Procedures for the containment and management of COVID -19 , which the DBE has developed in consultation with the Department of Health, we (the SMT, non-teaching staff) will be able to return to school on May 11.  During this time we will have meetings to ensure we follow directives and guidelines from WCED to put safety and health measures in place.  We will prepare the classrooms and the school building to meet the required standards.

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Dear Muizenberg High family – 20.04.2020

The Department of Education, both DBE and WCED has been hard at work to find sustainable solutions to secure the 2020 academic year.  During this process they are meeting with various stakeholders and roleplayers. These considerations take time and effort to consider all aspects involved in changing of time structures (terms), assessments, curriculum delivery and curriculum content. The concept is called Curriculum Recovery Plan.  The result of these meetings is

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Dear Muizenberg High family – 02.04.2020

Today is the 7th day of the National lockdown and on reflection I have realized that we have already covered a third of the 21 days. This is an unprecedented and uncertain situation and we do not know when school will resume.  We cannot speculate or make any predictions.  We will follow the directives from the President and the minister of Basic Education.  I read a lovely message where the COVID-19 is seen as a storm on the sea, and the question is, should we worry more about the water outside the boat or inside the boat?

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