Dear Muizenberg High Matric Parents, Guardians and learners

In lieu of gazetted dates and communication from DBE after Mr Ramaphosa’s announcement of further school closure at the end of July, the WCED communicated the following directives to schools in terms of a four-week period:

  • WEEK 1:  27- 31 July:  ALL WCED schools closed for teaching and learning for ALL grades, including the staff.
  • WEEK 2:  3-7 August:  ONLY Grade 12 learners will return for on-site learning.
  • WEEK 3: 12-14 August: ONLY Grade 12 learners will receive on-site learning.
  • 10 and 11 August: school holidays.
  • WEEK 4: 17-21 August: ONLY Grade 12 learners will receive on-site learning.
  • FROM 24 August onwards -ALL Grades will be incorporated back into the on-site system according to the Amended timetabling. The DBE must still provide more clarity on how additional grades will be introduced from 24 August onwards.

To facilitate and to give clarity I will address the practical implementation and implication for this directive.


“The National decision requires that ALL Grade 12 learners and teachers are physically at school EVERY DAY from 3 August 2020 until 24 August 2020.  They will be expected to attend school every day thereafter (except for formal school holidays), until they start their final National Senior Certificate examinations.’’ – Letter from the Head of Department, Mr B Schreuder.

The Grade 12 curriculum did not change in terms of the Temporary Revised Educational plans (Grade 8-11).  The department does not deem the online platforms as an acceptable replacement for face-to-face teaching and learning.  We will get clarity on the implications for the parents who chose to keep your child at home and completed the Annexure B (1) or B (2) and the Annexure C.  If you have decided not to send your child to school and did not apply formally, please communicate with me today via email.  If you have communicated and we have sent you the necessary documentation, we need to receive it tomorrow morning for us to submit it to the HEAD of EDUCATION.

The Grade 12 teachers teach across the different grades.  Should your child not attend school I do not expect them to give private lessons to learners who do not attend on-site schooling.  Please read through the terms and conditions of off-site schooling carefully.  Some subjects require face-to-face teaching (classroom/tutor teaching) to facilitate the understanding of complex concepts.

Should there be any changes to the school hours we will communicate that to you via SMS.  The language departments will communicate the catch-up examinations for paper 3.  The learners wrote the examinations at the end of term one.  Paper 3 forms part of the formal assessments and all learners must complete the task as part of their School Based Assessment.


We are close to six weeks away from writing the MOCK exams (start date: 25 September) and I am concerned about some of our Grade 12 learners who should and do not attend school every day, and their lack of urgency.  We will put in a concerted effort to reach every child, those who do not attend school and those on-site.  We will ensure that we build enough time into the curriculum delivery to complete and revise the content.  Should we offer any EXTRA lessons I urge you to prioritize the time slots. We will communicate any lessons timeously via SMS. I thank the staff in advance for their effort and sacrifice. We are committed to support every matriculant and we will work closely with all our learners at risk.

GRADE  8-11:

The phased –in dates have not been communicated yet.  The expectation is that we will ensure that ALL grades will be phased in as from 24 August. 

Online teaching will continue on Google Classrooms.  The staff will communicate with the family via SMS should your child not do their work or ‘’attend’’ class.  We have developed a structure and we will publish the structure for your attention early next week.


We have issued hard copy work to all our grades.  These resource packs were made available the week before school closure.  If you have not collected your child’s resource pack, please do so this week.  These resource packs are crucial for the learners especially for those learners who do not have data to work on Google classrooms. Please collect your child’s books from the lockers at the same time. 


I appeal to all our families to put in a concerted effort to pay towards the school fees.  Please keep your account up to date or communicate with myself ( or Mrs Lippert ( if your financial status has changed due to COVID-19.  We will gladly assist you.  We have experienced a downward spiral in fee income and I am concerned about the perception that off-site learning and teaching is not considered as worthy of paying school fees. Every teacher, and non-teaching staff (front staff and cleaning staff) at Muizenberg High School have continued to show their mettle in this difficult time of uncertainty.  Their disappointment in the second school closure and their concern about the learner’s welfare and academic future is commendable.  Your commitment to the school fees is an investment to continue providing the quality and value-based education your family and your child deserve. 

Thank you to all the families who either paid up their school fees and those who do contribute what they can.  I know that we will stand together to overcome this crisis.  Many of our families lost their source of income and is battling to make ends meet. 


Many of our families have lost loved ones.  You are in our thoughts and prayers every day.  Please make use of our school wellness centre and wellness coach, Mrs Liza Bam.  Your welfare is of utmost importance to us and our children is vulnerable as they are experiencing so much loss and despair. 

Please take care

Mrs L Jacobsen

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Dear Grade 12 parents/ guardians

I have received queries and requests from parents who would like to keep their children at home, although the child does not suffer from comorbidities.  The minister of Basic Education, Mrs Angie Motshekga indicated in her media briefing that this issue will be under discussion and that the department will give clear guidance in this regard.

I have consulted with the WCED circuit manager and the recommendation is that should  you choose to keep your child at home, for any reason and want to make use of the google classrooms as a platform for learning and teaching, you may do so, until we receive a definite directive from the department.  This arrangement comes with the following conditions:

  1.  You need to email me at to make an arrangement for your child to stay at home and receive their education on Google classrooms. You need to specify your reason for choosing to keep your child at home.
  2. You need to commit yourself that you will take full responsibility that your child will do the work as the teachers provide it and that your child will keep up to date with his/her work.
  3. You will undertake to oversee the learning process at home. This includes all daily work and assignments.
  4.  You will ensure a conducive environment for your child to work at home, this include learning space, resources, etc.
  5. You will ensure that all work and assignments are collected and delivered at school as required by the school.
  6. Should there be any formal assessments done at school it will be your responsibility to bring your child to school for the set assessment.
  7. Should you not agree to these conditions your child must physically return to school.

The staff prepared a four week note pack for every subject.  You must collect the work (physical notes) from school on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon (9 and 10 June) from 14:00 until 15:00.  Your child will also need to sign the final departmental matric examinations verification.  This needs to be signed by every learner individually. The verification indicates the subjects, and contact and personal details.  This information is used by the department to prepare the matric certificates and the matric papers per learner.   It is compulsory for every learner to sign the verification.

MATRICULANTS WITH COMORBIDITIES must please follow the same guidelines.

Your child’s wellbeing and academic success are our priority.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries. 

Kind regards,

Mrs Jacobsen 

Dear Muizenberg High family

It is time for an update and feedback since the Grade 12 class of 2020 returned to school on Monday June 1. There was confusion and frustration after a delayed media briefing on the previous Sunday, leaving many families torn between dates and popular opinion. Though on Monday morning, through thick mist, I witnessed Grade 12’s being dropped off by parents, family members, friends, and the Uber transport services.  Some walked, scootered and yesterday even a small bus arrived with students.  

After orientation and checking in, the students settled into a routine of three sessions per day, from 8:30 until 13:30.  Social distancing is observed during break times while catching up with friends. We see a strong focus and maturity amongst our Grade 12’s and a will to overcome this adversity. Some learners still struggle with transport (suspended train services, or limited bus services), comorbidities or comorbidities in their immediate families, making them uncertain on how to approach the reopening sensibly and cautiously.  I do hope this newsletter will give some clarity around these issues.


The question regarding home schooling has been raised by many families.  The minister (WCED) did announce that clarity will be given around this issue.  As it stands, home schooling is a different concept to Google Classrooms.  Home schooling is a system one has to apply for, i.e. applying to learn at an independent school.  This requires you to deregister your child from the public school system and register to do home schooling.

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Dear Muizenberg High Parents

Receiving our matriculants back to school this morning was such an honour.  I am please to report that we upheld all protocols, and the screening process went seamless. The matrics indicated that they were happy to be back at school and ready for teaching and learning.  We could answer their questions and address their concerns. 

We have received a directive from WCED that schools are open and that we should ensure orientation is done, which we focused on today. The directive (dated 1 June2020) states that teaching and learning will continue as from today. We understand that certain sectors, such as bus services and train services are not fully operational and that some parents are very concerned about comorbidities within the household.  Please continue to communicate these issues with myself at  I will investigate the way forward on each case as you present your concerns. 

Please continue to support the Google classrooms teaching and learning platform. It is important to note that Google classrooms is a digital teaching and learning platform, and it does not constitute home schooling in a traditional sense.  The MEC  Mrs Schaefer will issue a directive to address the issue of home schooling.  To keep up to date with your schoolwork is important. Use the Google classroom. The teachers will continue to post their work on this platform.  School attendance is a legal framework, and therefore it is very important that you inform us when your child is absent.  We have some teachers who have comorbidities.  We have made provision for those classes.

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