The budget meeting for 2021 will be held on 11 November 2020 at 19:00 in the school hall.  The budget is available for your perusal at the front office.  Please diarise this important date. 


Grade 8 and 9: The reports will not indicate term 2 results as per the education department adjusted teaching plans.

Grade 10 and 11: As per the education department adjusted teaching plans some subjects will not have a term 2 result.

Grade 12: Term 1, 2 and 3 are resulted.

Grade 8-11 reports will be issued the first week of term 4.

Please study the results and pay special attention to the subjects underlined in red.

Term 2 and 3 have been academically challenging for both learners and teaching staff but with perseverance and hard work assessments have been completed.  The blended teaching model enables learners to keep working at home on Google Classrooms on days when they do not attend school.


There will be no end of the year examination for Grades 8-11.  All grades will write tests that will be scheduled during the term.  Test timetables will be issued early next term but please note the following:

  • Completed year work (school based assessments) for each subject can be crucial for decisions about promotion and progression at the end of the year.
  • Teaching and learning will take place up to the last week of term 4.
  • Learners cannot afford to stay home once they have written the term tests as teaching will continue to ensure that learners are academically ready for 2021.
  • Absenteeism, unless for illness, or according to the COVID-19 protocols, must be discouraged.  Teaching happens every day and learners lose out on valuable teaching and learning if they stay home.


The short break is merely an opportunity for the Grade 12’s to prepare for their final examinations. The learners received their scripts and the staff guided the learners on the areas they need to focus on. 

EXTRA LESSONS: There will be MATHEMATICS extra lessons on TUESDAY (27/10) AND WEDNESDAY (28/10) from 9:00 until 12:00 at school.  Mr Basvi and Mr Cupido has availed their time to conduct these lessons.  Please ensure that your child arrives on time for the lessons.

Many of the staff will support the learners via Google Classrooms.  Please make use of the opportunity and encourage the learners to engage with their teachers on this platform.  Our students have access to the staff email addresses.


  • On Monday 2 November 2020 the Grade 12’s and their subject teachers will celebrate the valedictory and prizegiving from 9:00 until 11:00. 
  • As we will adhere to the COVID-19 protocols unfortunately no parents can be accommodated inside the hall.
  • We, however, wish to invite the parents to join us in the VALEDICTORY LANE around the circle.  The parents may arrive from 10:15 and you will be asked to park on the West field.  The staff will be there to assist and guide you.  Please do not park outside the gate and in Dover or Windermere Road. 



Summer uniform can be worn from the first day of term 4.  Girls can wear tunics (regulation length) but if trousers are worn, ties must be worn. No beanies may be worn.



My prayer is that all our learners have a good break and return safely to school. Please take care.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Jacobsen


18 September 2020

Please download the document below regarding Heritage day and updated procedures starting Monday 21 September 2020

                                                                                                                                                                                21 August  2020

Dear Muizenberg High Parents, Guardians and learners

Finally the day of return for Grade 8 and 9 learners has arrived!  The staff is looking forward to meet and welcome our Grades back!  We have prepared and even removed fixtures in all our labs to accommodate the learners in a safe 1-1.5 m social distancing space.  The SMTstill continued to review and develop COVID – 19 protocols, processes and procedures. A reminder that our decisions, in terms of behaviour and academics are based on 4 pillars: HEALTH AND SAFETY; CURRICULUM DELIVERY; BUILDING, DEVELOPING AND USING DIGITAL PLATFORMS AND TO EMBRACE CHANGE. 

To orientate our learners and for logistical reasons, we will do the following program for the Week 24- 28 August:

GRADE 12:  Attend school MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY. SPECIALIST GROUPS WILL ATTEND ON A WEDNESDAY (e.g. practical assessments, extra lessons, etc.)

GRADE 12:  Wednesday  26 August: MUSIC, ACCOUNTING, CAT AND HOSPITALITY  LEARNERS ONLY. The rest of the Grade 12 students will be given work to cover.


 Your school days start at 8:30 and it ends at 14:30.


Your school days start at 8:30 and it ends at 14:30.


Your orientation day : 8:30 -11:00


Grade 8:  – You will enter the school premises using the gate at Windermere Road.

GRADE 9: – You will enter the school premises at the front gate of school.  (Where the staff enters)

No physical on-site classes for the rest of the week.

From week 31 AUGUST-4 SEPTEMBER:

The Grade 8 and 9 learners will receive the timetable on Wednesday (26 August) during orientation, which will give clear communication on their return days for the academic program.

We have amended our timetable to ensure that we do not accommodate more than two and a half grades per day.  The timetable needed to consider subject choices and the staffing.  Many of our staff teach across grades and offer more than one subject.  We also needed to ensure that the timetable facilitates all the subjects over the bi-weekly period.   Your school days start at 8:30 and it ends at 14:30.

The senior grades embraced the NEW ways of learning and I am pleased to report that the entire grade is compliant and serious about achieving a good academic outcome.  We prioritize SOCIAL DISTANCING, SCHOOL ATTENDANCE, and WORKING IN CLASSES. We are committed to ensure quality teaching and learning will take place, both at school and with the use of Google Classrooms. To this end the staff is training, co-training, supporting and developing their teaching strategies to counter any event in the future.   We are fortunate that we do not have to split any of our classes and still achieve the required 1-1.5m social distancing. Please read through this letter carefully (it has the same instructions and guidelines as our Grade 12 letter) and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me:  Your question might be in the mind of many parents and it will be good to include the information in further communications.


You MUST WEAR A MASK when you arrive at school.  According to the regulation, we may not allow anyone without a mask on the school premises. You will be issued with two masks at school. 

You must do a self-audit before you leave home.  The self-audit will include the 5 questions you need to answer when you arrive and if the answer to any one of the questions is YES, we may not allow you to enter the building and you will have to return home immediately.  Because so many of our learners travel it is advisable to do the self-audit and should you find that you display one or more of the symptoms, please inform the school that you will not attend school for the day.  It is better to rest and if the symptoms persist to contact the HOTLINE or your doctor for advice.

Keep your social distancing on and off the transport.  Please do not socialize inside or outside the school premises. Social distancing is a great concern and it is as applicable outside the school premises as it is on the school premises.  Everyone has to take full responsibility for his/her own safety and behaviour at all times.

Although we will have two gates open, you need to take note of the gate you need to use.  This is very important because we need to ensure that the gates and entry into the school building is strictly controlled:


Once you arrive at school you will proceed to your assigned classrooms through the designated doors.

You have to line up on the markings (lines on the floor) and will be screened by a staff member.  You will be asked 5 questions. All answers and temperatures will be recorded.  If your temperature is less than 38 degrees and you answer NO to all 5 questions you will enter your home room. From the screening station you will proceed directly to your home room. 


You have an assigned desk. You may not touch or sit at any other desk.  You will have a designated desk in every classroom where you will be taught. Your desk will be sanitized at the end of each session.  WE RECOMMEND A SMALL HAND SANITIZER FROM HOME.  We do sanitize your hands when you enter the building, in the mornings, and after break times.


The “breaks” will merely be to eat and going to the bathroom. Access to the bathrooms will controlled.  The tuckshop will be closed.  You need to pack your lunch and water/ soft drinks. No sharing of stationery or food will be allowed. You need to keep LEFT in the corridors and may not walk next to each other. The markings in the corridors will be a constant reminder to keep your social distance from the other learners.  The staff will be in the passages to ensure that this crucial and vital protocol is followed.

At the end of the day you will exit the school at the closest door to your last class.  You need to leave the school and gate immediately and we will not allow any learners to linger on the school premises.

Parents please ensure that your child does not have to wait outside the school premises.  Please arrange the transport according to the end of day time.


You will be allowed to wear civilian clothes until September 1.  We understand that it will simply be impractical to wash the uniform on a daily basis. Please make sure your hair is as far as possible within the rules of our code of conduct.  We expect long hair to be tied, and out of the face.


We will not be able to receive any cell phones from our learners to keep during school time.  You may NOT bring your cell phone to school under any circumstances.  We urge our parents to ensure that the school have your contact details (updated).  We will send a form (both physical and google form) for you to fill in.  We need to contact a parent in any event.  This includes your email address.


You will receive the COVID -19 protocol orientation on your first day.  The purpose of the COVID-19 policy is to inform and guide the behaviour of the wider school community in terms of health and safety and curriculum delivery in the process of minimizing the spread and impact of COVID – 19.  The policy will guide the orientation process.

The school needs to be informed and be given feedback when we send a learner home. A learner will be isolated in a demarcated area until a parent come to collect their child.  We wish to reiterate: please do not send your child to school if they feel sick or have any flulike symptoms.

Parents must make appointments before they will be allowed to enter the gates.  They must be screened and uphold all regulations regarding the COVID -19 policy and protocols.    


Check yourself :

  1.  Do you have a cough?
  2. Do you have a sore throat?
  3. Do you have a fever?
  4. Do you have a shortness of breath?
  5. Have you been in direct contact with someone who has contracted Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

If your answer yes to one or more of these questions, please stay at home and inform the school.  If the symptoms persist, consult a doctor or contact the COVID HOTLINE at: 0800029999.

You have to:

Wear a face mask on arrival. 

Keep a safe distance of 1.5 m from other people.

Wash/ sanitize your hands regularly.

Check your temperature regularly.

Hotline number – please take note of the following numbers:



Health and safety is everyone’s business.  We are responsible firstly for our own health and safety and we are responsible for one another. We strive to ensure a happy safe space for learning and teaching.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Jacobsen

Dear Muizenberg High Matric Parents, Guardians and learners

In lieu of gazetted dates and communication from DBE after Mr Ramaphosa’s announcement of further school closure at the end of July, the WCED communicated the following directives to schools in terms of a four-week period:

  • WEEK 1:  27- 31 July:  ALL WCED schools closed for teaching and learning for ALL grades, including the staff.
  • WEEK 2:  3-7 August:  ONLY Grade 12 learners will return for on-site learning.
  • WEEK 3: 12-14 August: ONLY Grade 12 learners will receive on-site learning.
  • 10 and 11 August: school holidays.
  • WEEK 4: 17-21 August: ONLY Grade 12 learners will receive on-site learning.
  • FROM 24 August onwards -ALL Grades will be incorporated back into the on-site system according to the Amended timetabling. The DBE must still provide more clarity on how additional grades will be introduced from 24 August onwards.

To facilitate and to give clarity I will address the practical implementation and implication for this directive.

Download this newsletter below

Dear Grade 12 parents/ guardians

I have received queries and requests from parents who would like to keep their children at home, although the child does not suffer from comorbidities.  The minister of Basic Education, Mrs Angie Motshekga indicated in her media briefing that this issue will be under discussion and that the department will give clear guidance in this regard.

I have consulted with the WCED circuit manager and the recommendation is that should  you choose to keep your child at home, for any reason and want to make use of the google classrooms as a platform for learning and teaching, you may do so, until we receive a definite directive from the department.  This arrangement comes with the following conditions:

  1.  You need to email me at to make an arrangement for your child to stay at home and receive their education on Google classrooms. You need to specify your reason for choosing to keep your child at home.
  2. You need to commit yourself that you will take full responsibility that your child will do the work as the teachers provide it and that your child will keep up to date with his/her work.
  3. You will undertake to oversee the learning process at home. This includes all daily work and assignments.
  4.  You will ensure a conducive environment for your child to work at home, this include learning space, resources, etc.
  5. You will ensure that all work and assignments are collected and delivered at school as required by the school.
  6. Should there be any formal assessments done at school it will be your responsibility to bring your child to school for the set assessment.
  7. Should you not agree to these conditions your child must physically return to school.

The staff prepared a four week note pack for every subject.  You must collect the work (physical notes) from school on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon (9 and 10 June) from 14:00 until 15:00.  Your child will also need to sign the final departmental matric examinations verification.  This needs to be signed by every learner individually. The verification indicates the subjects, and contact and personal details.  This information is used by the department to prepare the matric certificates and the matric papers per learner.   It is compulsory for every learner to sign the verification.

MATRICULANTS WITH COMORBIDITIES must please follow the same guidelines.

Your child’s wellbeing and academic success are our priority.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries. 

Kind regards,

Mrs Jacobsen 

Archived Letters from the principal

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