4 February 2021

Dear Muizenberg High family

We are excited to welcome you back after a well-deserved break and a delay in the reopening of schools in the new school year. The school’s Senior Management Team (SMT) started with organisational meetings as early as January 25, and the staff joined us from February 1. Since then, we have been in various subject meetings, training sessions, and designing our day-to-day lessons.  During our training sessions we built on our knowledge and experience of Google classrooms and we equipped ourselves to use this method of teaching more effectively.

Our vision for 2021 is:  Implemented accountability through structures, systems, processes and procedures.  We strive to make this a year of innovation, thorough planning and implementation.

Many lessons were learnt last year and clear communication to our parents/guardians and learners is at the core of our day to day operations.  To achieve this goal, we are creating a Google mail contact address list for each family in our school. We therefore request that every family complete the Google information form, which will be sent to you via the SMS link and the website.  As from March 1, we will communicate only via the email system, thus it is vital that you fill in the form as soon as you receive the link.

Once a family has received its Google email address, all school information and a weekly academic schedule for each subject (the blended learning programme) will be uploaded to the family on the Google site. We are confident that this initiative will improve and streamline communication between the school and the Muizenberg family.

Each class will also have a Google register class. This will enable parents/guardians to contact register teachers to communicate absenteeism and essential information concerning learners directly to the register teachers.

Wellness Centre:

Many families have been affected by the pandemic and the second wave we are currently experiencing.  Please contact the school if you require support, and we will put you in touch with the wellness centre to support the children during this time of grief and sorrow. 

Textbook issuing

  • It is vital that teaching and learning start on 15 February, or on the first day your child must attend school (we will have alternating days, except for Grade 12).  For this to happen learners need to have stationery and their text books right from the start. Thus the school has a text book roll out programme.
  • Please cover the text books in plastic and encourage your child to look after the text books as the department of education has invested heavily in text books.
  • Each text book will have the name of the learner in the text book to ensure that the book will stay safely in the possession of the learner for the duration of the year.

Grade 12

  1. On Monday 8 February the grade 12s will come to the hall and collect the textbooks from their subject teachers who will meet them in the hall. Teachers will sit similarly to report evening meetings. Entry is through the hall door, and strict health and safety protocols will be adhered to.


12A – 8:30 – 9:00      (2020 11A)

12B – 9:00 – 9:30      (2020 11B)

12C – 9:30 – 10:00    (2020 11C)

12D – 10:00 –10:30   (2020 11D)

Grade 10 and 11

  • The subject teacher will issue the text book of that subject on the first day of the term that the learner attends class, as the learner enters the class.

Grade 9

  1. On Tuesday 9 February the grade 9s will come to the hall and collect the textbooks from their register teachers and grade heads who will meet them in the hall.  Entry through the hall door, and strict health and safety protocols will be adhered to.


9A – 8:30 – 9:00    (2020 8A)

9B –  9:00 – 9:30    (2020 8B)

9C – 9:30 – 10:00  (2020 8C)

9D – 10:00 – 10:30 (2020 8D)

Grade 8

The learners will receive their packs on the orientation programme in the hall on Friday 12 February. For more information on the grade 8 orientation refer to the grade 8 orientation paragraph.

Gr 8 – Orientation

  • All grade 8 learners to attend a compulsory orientation programme. The purpose of this orientation is to prepare them for the transition to high school and ensure that they are ready to start the academic year. The learners will receive their text books and lessons and tutorials in how to use google classrooms.
  • Dates and times of the orientation is as follows: Thursday 11February from 08h00 to 13h00 and Friday 12 February from 08h00 to 11h30.
  • Learners must use the entrance gate at Dover road (at the front entrance of the school) and exit using the same gate. (No mask no entry)

There will be teachers and guardians (student leaders) at the gates to assist parents and students.

  • Dress code – Summer uniform
  • What to bring:

 Own diaries, stationery, own hand sanitizer, Lunch –  no tuck shop to buy food.

Any queries, please address them to Mrs. Jahura on bjahura@muizenbnerghigh.org.za or Mrs. Dreyden on ddreyden@muizenberghigh.org.za

GRADE 12 – 2020 RESULTS:

We have received two different dates for the release of the Grade 12 – 2020 results: 23 or 24 February.  We will confirm the date as soon as we have confirmation from WCED in this regard. 

As we partner to support each learner to reach their full potential, we are looking forward to creating opportunities to develop our learners and to instil a GROWTH MINDSET, a love for learning, and a strong sense of purpose. We will communicate with you as frequently as possible and I pray that we will experience a peaceful, blessed 2021.

Keep safe and take care.

Leonie Jacobsen


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15 January 2021

Dear Muizenberg High family

We wish each and every one a prosperous and healthy 2021.  As we embark on our educational partnership for 2021, our purpose remains to prioritize quality teaching and learning in a safe environment. To this end, we are looking forward to engage with our students and to create opportunities for them to grow and expand their horizons.   

You may be aware that the NCCC recommended a postponement of the reopening of the schools, and the DBE subsequently briefed the nation this morning.  The speech made by Deputy minister Mhaule at the media briefing this morning has suggested return dates.  The DBE must now give directives (gazetted decisions and protocols) to the provinces and the schools, which will be received from the WCED via email. 

It is in this light that I appeal to us as a school and parent body to exercise restraint and await the directives when officially issued.  In the past, different schools have acted and reacted to news reports or simply on presidential commentary without waiting for the official directives to be issued.  

Please note that the dates mentioned by Deputy minister Mhaule must now be gazetted and formulated in directives for schools to follow.  We have not officially received any date changes yet, and will advise you of any changes as soon as we do.

The education of our children remains our mandate and priority and we will ensure that no child is left behind.  We will communicate to you as soon as we receive communication directly from WCED.  Please make sure that we have your updated cell phone numbers and email addresses.  We will continue sending information via the SMS system and emails. 

We wish you all the best.  Please take care and stay safe.

Kind Regards,

Leonie Jacobsen


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The budget meeting for 2021 will be held on 11 November 2020 at 19:00 in the school hall.  The budget is available for your perusal at the front office.  Please diarise this important date. 


Grade 8 and 9: The reports will not indicate term 2 results as per the education department adjusted teaching plans.

Grade 10 and 11: As per the education department adjusted teaching plans some subjects will not have a term 2 result.

Grade 12: Term 1, 2 and 3 are resulted.

Grade 8-11 reports will be issued the first week of term 4.

Please study the results and pay special attention to the subjects underlined in red.

Term 2 and 3 have been academically challenging for both learners and teaching staff but with perseverance and hard work assessments have been completed.  The blended teaching model enables learners to keep working at home on Google Classrooms on days when they do not attend school.


There will be no end of the year examination for Grades 8-11.  All grades will write tests that will be scheduled during the term.  Test timetables will be issued early next term but please note the following:

  • Completed year work (school based assessments) for each subject can be crucial for decisions about promotion and progression at the end of the year.
  • Teaching and learning will take place up to the last week of term 4.
  • Learners cannot afford to stay home once they have written the term tests as teaching will continue to ensure that learners are academically ready for 2021.
  • Absenteeism, unless for illness, or according to the COVID-19 protocols, must be discouraged.  Teaching happens every day and learners lose out on valuable teaching and learning if they stay home.


The short break is merely an opportunity for the Grade 12’s to prepare for their final examinations. The learners received their scripts and the staff guided the learners on the areas they need to focus on. 

EXTRA LESSONS: There will be MATHEMATICS extra lessons on TUESDAY (27/10) AND WEDNESDAY (28/10) from 9:00 until 12:00 at school.  Mr Basvi and Mr Cupido has availed their time to conduct these lessons.  Please ensure that your child arrives on time for the lessons.

Many of the staff will support the learners via Google Classrooms.  Please make use of the opportunity and encourage the learners to engage with their teachers on this platform.  Our students have access to the staff email addresses.


  • On Monday 2 November 2020 the Grade 12’s and their subject teachers will celebrate the valedictory and prizegiving from 9:00 until 11:00. 
  • As we will adhere to the COVID-19 protocols unfortunately no parents can be accommodated inside the hall.
  • We, however, wish to invite the parents to join us in the VALEDICTORY LANE around the circle.  The parents may arrive from 10:15 and you will be asked to park on the West field.  The staff will be there to assist and guide you.  Please do not park outside the gate and in Dover or Windermere Road. 



Summer uniform can be worn from the first day of term 4.  Girls can wear tunics (regulation length) but if trousers are worn, ties must be worn. No beanies may be worn.



My prayer is that all our learners have a good break and return safely to school. Please take care.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Jacobsen

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