Grade 12

1. All grade 12’s, please see Mr Dingles you tube lessons, brendan dingle on you tube for build up to present essay topic set.

2. All work, starting with Essay for Thursday 7th May (on first typed set of work above), to be written in exercise book, photo  OR  type on msword or elsewhere and send to your teacher at: or

Grade 11

1.  Please see mr dingles lessons on You tube : brendan dingle on you tube. 

2. All grade 11’s please to send in work to be done by first writing it in your exercise book then photograph OR typing on MSWORD or elsewhere and sending in to your teacher at:

Grade 10

1.Please see Mr Dingles lessons on you tube. brendan dingle on you tube for info on French Revolution.  Note that your last exercise set earlier is based on video 4 for grade 10.

2. To send in work: Please write in exercise books, photo work, OR type on MSWORD or elsewhere and send to your usual teacher at: or

Check out Brendan Dingle History on YouTube

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Grade 10