Hello grade 12s I have seen 16 out of the 21 Geographers during this week which has been a relatively good turn out. The learners have been handed a number of photocopied handouts of study guide notes as well as old exam papers to do and study from. We finished going through the Geomorphology section today and are working our way through Settlement from your textbook. I handed out the June 2019 exam paper today and the instruction is that the learners must answer Questions 1 and 2 by Monday when we will go over and mark the work. The best way to prepare you for exams is to go over as many exam papers as possible, answer the questions and mark them. There are many different ways in which the material in Geography can be asked so it is important to do this work. I hope to see more of you next week.

Jill Knott B Soc Scie H.D.E (P/G) Sec

Head of Geography

Muizenberg High School

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