The Vision of Muizenberg High school 

Five fold vision


  1. A school where learners are challenged to achieve to the best of their ability in the classroom, through consistent hard work and critical thinking
  2. A school where learners respect teachers, each other and themselves and where unacceptable behavior is addressed both through appropriate sanctions and effective counselling of both learner and parent.
  3. A school where learners are committed to school extra-mural activities in which they play an increasing leadership role as they mature.
  4. 4. A school where learners feel happy, valued, safe at and proud of Muizenberg High school.
  5. A school where learners develop the relevant knowledge, skills, values and the self confidence to exploit career opportunities and to do so with integrity.
The Mission of Muizenberg High School
We seek to provide a balanced value-based education system in a stimulating environment that inspires disciplined learners to realise their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society.
The History of Muizenberg High School

Muizenberg Public School was established in 1898 with the Reverend Richard Rawlinson Vyvan as Headmaster and Miss A. Dunlop as his assistant. The School then consisted of approximately 40 pupils ranging from Sub A to Std 5 (Grade 1 – 7). Classes were initially held in temporary quarters in the Mission Hall adjoining the Muizenberg station. A tiny wood and Iron building was built at the beginning of 1899 on the hill, overlooking Falsebay, and this served as the school’s home for the next 14 years. The permanent building was completed in June 1913, slightly below the site of the wood and iron building. This Building along with numerous extensions over years remained the home of Muizenberg Public, Secondary and High school until November 1977, when the school moved to its present site.